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Articles for "Customer Experience"

It doesn’t always have to be face-to-face
It doesn’t always have to be face-to-face Qualitative and hybrid methods of online research make it possible to dive deep into the world of users any time, any place. From the large number of tools at our disposal, we have weiterlesen
CX: Successful management of emotions
CX: Successful management of emotions Positive customer experiences and respectively resulting emotional bonds facilitate sustainable business relationships. A central variable in the customer’s experience weiterlesen
Hit the mark creatively
Hit the mark creatively Creative Problem Solving (CPS) is an excellent approach to finding innovative and imaginative solutions along the customer journey. Heiner Junker is a certified CPS facilitator and certified facilitator weiterlesen
CX Monitoring: How satisfied are you with your health insurance?
CX Monitoring: How satisfied are you with your health insurance? Customer experience and customer loyalty play an important role in the highly competitive health insurance industry. How does one dependably weiterlesen
More than Words
More than Words Sometimes traditional surveys just hit the brick wall – especially if consumers are asked to describe their feelings, although the respective situation occurred already a while ago. However, the consumer's weiterlesen
When products find their voice
When products find their voice Has your product ever spoken to you directly? Does it feel well positioned or rather neglected? This notion stretches conventional quantitative and qualitative interview methods weiterlesen
Touch me if you can
Touch me if you can Website, social media, or maybe rather analog letters and circulars? For effective and efficient customer management at B2B enterprises, a fine-tuning of all relevant contact points is becoming more and more weiterlesen
Optimisation of Touch-point Portfolios
Optimisation of Touch-point Portfolios The Internet and social media have become some of the most important sources of information in our daily lives, privately as well as professionally. Hence new media are also weiterlesen
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