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Angela Merkel – Only the Pope is even more popular

New global study

Donald Trump, Theresa May and Vladimir Putin need to join the end of the queue:  The German Chancellor Angela Merkel is the most popular (worldly) head of state worldwide. Only Pope Francis – the head of the Roman Catholic Church and the Vatican City State – is even more popular than Merkel. This is the result of the new End of Year Survey by WIN and GIA, asking 52,793 people from 55 countries for their opinion on international heads of state, among other issues. In Germany, the study was conducted by Produkt + Markt.

A total of 48% of the respondents worldwide hold a favourable view of Angela Merkel; only 28% stated to have an unfavourable opinion of her. Despite a domestic political setback, even 54% of respondents in Germany highly value her as the head of state. Compared to 2015 (45% favourable, 51% unfavourable), her popularity in Germany has improved significantly.

With a total of 44% of those polled holding a favourable view of him and 23% an unfavourable one, only the French President Emmanuel Macron comes in at a similarly high level of popularity. However, both leaders must admit defeat to Pope Francis: 53% of those polled worldwide state to have a favourable opinion of him. In Germany the figure even reaches 67%.

Incidentally, the survey reveals that Donald Trump is by far the most unpopular head of state worldwide. Only 30% of those polled think of him favourably while 56% hold an unfavourable view of him. In Germany, he is actually only popular with 7% of respondents, while a staggering 90% state to not like him at all. For comparison: at the end of 2015, 59% of respondents worldwide awarded his predecessor Barack Obama a favourable rating; in Germany, there were even 67% with a favourable opinion of him.

Please see the official press release for detailed figures and additional interesting results of the survey, i.e. the global opinion on Russian president Vladimir Putin.


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