BRAND|VIEW – Do you know your product’s personality?

Gaining clear recommendations for action from playful everyday scenarios

BRAND|VIEW brings your product to life and in an inspiring manner shows you how your brand would master everyday life. This enables you to directly grasp the personality of your brand and to apply that knowledge i.e. to your strategy.

What type of questions does BRAND|VIEW answer for you?

Typical issues in market research that BRAND|VIEW may solve:

  • What kind of (unconscious) obstacles affect doctors’ prescription behaviour?
  • How does my product distinguish itself from its competition, particularly on an emotional level?
  • What kind of marketing messages will allow us to successfully distinguish ourselves from the competition?

How does BRAND|VIEW work?

BRAND|VIEW works like this: In an online survey, respondents imagine brands as human beings and predict their respective behaviour and decisions in everyday scenarios. At the checkout counter, would brand X jump the queue or patiently wait its turn? If brand Y won a million bucks, what would it do with the money? Put it safely in the bank or blow it all? Behind these answers lie characteristic motivational dimensions as well as underlying brand-consumer relationships, such as success, security, or trust.   

How and when does P+M use BRAND|VIEW?

For example: Produkt + Markt Healthcare used BRAND|VIEW to find out how one could best position product X within a limited and fiercely competitive market. Doctors were to answer less than 30 short questions, in which they contemplated how the client’s product as well as its competition would behave in everyday life. What kind of music do the products like? What type of “friend” are the products ­– are they rather the reliable type, who always stands by their friend’s side? Or are they rather the unpredictable type, who might also move to another country without keeping in touch?  

Methodically, the brand profile is supplemented by the assignment of images from our validated image gallery VAL|LERY, which are based on psychological dimensions.

BRAND|VIEW provides clear recommendations for action!

While the products showed little differences in their rational property profiles, the BRAND|VIEW results allowed us to derive clear recommendations for action for our client: product X stands for security, which also makes it appear to be rather bland and boring (fig. 1). In contrast, product Y is considered to be a strong and powerful product, which likes to take charge and also has a good sense of humour (fig. 2). The results were compiled in a vivid profile that translated the findings back to the rational level. It turned out that the sales reps’ communication for product X was rather bland and too generic. From the doctors’ point of view it was also based on too monotonous facts.

Conclusion: BRAND|VIEW allows us to efficiently uncover the brand personality. Thus, we create valuable synergies to rather rational issues, such as prescription behaviour, treatment flow, or product acceptance (brand adoption). Additionally, the graphical design of the research tool and varied structure of the scenarios counteract survey fatigue among respondents. Less boredom immediately leads to better involvement and higher response rates – a clear advantage of BRAND|VIEW.

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