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From Insight to Impact – WIN Annual Conference in Beirut

How can insights be used to even more effectively create relevant impact for companies? Following the tagline „From Insight to Impact“, the international WIN network gathered in Beirut at the beginning of May for the WIN annual conference.

At this meeting, participants from North and South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa provided each other with important insights into international project work and talked about business ideas, tools and their experience.

In-house market researchers from renowned companies like Nestlé or Bank Audi also joined the conference. They took part in the talks and provided valuable insight into how they use insights to create impact. In this context, Nestlé exposed some interesting key case studies illustrating how local insights can be used to successfully optimise global strategies.

The conference programme also included joint workshops on various topics, such as successful application of artificial intelligence in market research or Nudge theory to control consumer behaviour. In this setting, Julia Koch of Produkt + Markt spoke on the subject of Design Thinking. Design Thinking is currently considered the most popular method for systematic-creative and customer-centric innovation processes. In her workshop, Koch explored the philosophy and basics of Design Thinking and explained how this approach interlocks with traditional market research and how the two successfully complement each other.

With members from 55 countries, WIN (Worldwide Independent Network of Market Research) is the largest association of independent market research institutes worldwide. Produkt + Markt is the exclusive German member.

For more information visit www.winmr.com



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