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It’s all about CX

Third Innovation Breakfast Hamburg turns out successful

Customer experience management, consumer journey, touch points – Nowadays marketing, CRM, and quality management are hard to imagine without these buzzwords. Many enterprises have made ensuring a great brand experience for their customers their central management issue. In short, CX is what it’s all about. Following the motto “It’s all about CX”, Produkt + Markt invited market research professionals to join the third Innovation Breakfast in their Hamburg office on 18 January 2017.

The event’s objective was to provide market researchers with an opportunity to enjoy an inspiring atmosphere, swap ideas with fellow experts and gain new insights into the latest techniques, approaches, and tools in CX. Additionally participants should also learn from best practice examples while finding out about possible solutions.

The choice of CX as a focal topic was met with a great positive response already prior to the event. Hence, a total of 14 participants – hailing from from renowned companies of various industries, i.e. retail, pharmaceutics, automotive, energy, health insurance, etc. – engaged in deep discussions on varied aspects of CX. The talks revolved around the following issues:

  • Customer Experience and CX Management – What does it actually entail?
  • Customer Journey Analyses – The basis of (successful) CX?
  • The synergy of various touch-points – How important is each individual touch-point?
  • Capturing and assessing the quality of individual touch-points: customer feedback systems and the like.
  • … so, what do we do with that data? Controlling, target systems, data mining, predictive analysis
  • Perform better: The path to wowed customers

In summary, for the participants the third Hamburg Innovation Breakfast was truly inspiring, informative, and insightful. In addition to gaining inspiring insights into the field of CX, the visitors were also able to establish many new valuable contacts.


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