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WIN Conference in Amsterdam

A basis for better cooperation in Western Europe

The WIN network plans to be more successful in international calls for bids in the future. In order to create a basis for this undertaking, the Western European WIN members met for their two-day “WE WIN Conference” in Amsterdam May 6-7, 2015.

WIN with more than 77 members is one of the leading networks of independent market research institutes worldwide. Produkt + Markt is the German WIN Member.

The participants from the Netherlands, France, UK, Italy, Irland, Greece, Sweden, Finland and Germany allowed each other important insights into international project work and moreover they exchanged business ideas, tools and even expertise.

The conference program overseen by Pieter Paul Verheggen (Motivaction, Netherlands), Heiner Junker, (Produkt + Markt, Germany), Jean-Michel Lelievre (BVA, France) and Titos Simitzis (Alternative Research Solutions, Greece) contained colleborative workshops on the themes Mobile research, Shopper research as well as Employee satisfaction, Communication and Ideation research.

The principles of international cooperation were further developed collaboratively. So the target to become even more successful with regard to international project tendering came a great deal closer in Amsterdam.

WIN Western Europe Conference was hosted by its member MOTIVACTION - research and strategy, Netherlands.

WIN Network considers itself as an efficient alternative in comparison to global chains of institutes: flexible, customer-oriented and providing a good cost-performance ratio.


WIN is the leading association in market research and polling and offers you the Best of Both Worlds: the highest quality at the most competitive price. WIN is made up of the 77 largest independent market research and polling firms in their respective countries with a combined revenue of over € 500 million and covering 95% of the world’s market.

Produkt + Markt is the German WIN Member (Worldwide Independent Network of Market Research).

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