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P+M at Research & Results 2018

Munich | 24th October 2018 - 25th October 2018 | 09:00 AM - 05:30 PM

Meet us at the market research trade show in Munich on October 24 and 25, 2018 for the premiere presentation of our latest tool: BRAND|GRAPH! BRAND|GRAPH takes on a novel approach and reveals relationship patterns between consumers and brands. Try it yourself!

Furthermore, we have also prepared a number of exciting workshops and inspiring live demos for you! Take the opportunity to experience our versatile market research tools live:

Identify personal brand relationships with BRAND|GRAPH
Discover what kind of relationships you have with selected brands. Positioning brands in the BRAND|GRAPH tool reveals various relationship patterns.

Brands in daily life with BRAND|VIEW
Assume the role of a brand and go on an adventure during a live survey. This way you will experience the playful approach hands on and find out about the intuitive types of questions of our innovative brand research tool.

Closer to the target group with IN|SPIARY
Take a deep dive into in our online community IN|SPIARY. No matter if you are in need for in-depth target group insights or if you would like to use those findings right away to inspire innovative ideas and concepts  – we always have the right solution for you thanks to varied and versatile methods.

Emotional typologisation with VAL|LERY
See for yourself: VAL|LERY lets you create segments and typologies of respondents. Visit us at our booth and let us classify you with only six selected pictures!  


Visit our workshops – Reservation now open!

CX Measurement: Quite simple in theory, right?
Systematic collection and analysis of customer feedback is an essential component of successful CX management. However, in order to purposefully develop and successfully integrate customer feedback systems, it is important to consider potential obstacles and success factors as early as possible. In their workshop, Axel Schomborg and Julia Koch will use their extensive experience from various CX projects to demonstrate which aspects need to be taken into consideration during project implementation. Furthermore they will derive effective and practical tips for daily business.

Axel Schomborg, Managing Director
Julia Koch, Senior Research Consultant – Team Leader

The workshop will be held in German.
Wednesday, 24. October 2018, 10:45 – 11:30h, Room 3

Different Thinking for Innovations
If you want to recognise hidden needs and occupy “blue oceans”, you not only have to think differently from your competition; you also need to think differently from what you were accustomed to. Therefore Heiner Junker puts a new perspective on the innovation process:  He combines tried and trusted market research tools (Social Media Research, MROCs…) with Design Thinking and systematically focuses every step on the customer’s quality of life. In doing so he raises research to a new level and provides reliable insights for strategic decisions.

Heiner Junker, Managing Partner
Wednesday, 24 October 2018, 14:45 – 15:30 h, Room 1

LEH SCAN 2.0 – Shoppers today
Even with increasing digitisation, the POS still holds a special position among all brand touch points, especially in the food sector. In order to gain a better understanding of shopper behaviour, we identified eight types of shoppers in the first LEH Scan six years ago. How have the groups evolved? Which offers delight them? Which POS measures (still) achieve a high impact? Claudia Greischel presents the new findings of the updated LEH Scan study.

Claudia Greischel - Division Director Consumer & Retail Research

The workshop will be held in German.
Thursday, 25. October 2018, 10:45 – 11:30 h, Room 3


Spaces in the workshop rooms are limited!

Plan ahead and reserve your spot in our workshop now. Or sign up for a non-binding consultation at our booth. We are happy to call you to make an appointment.