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Animal Health & Nutrition Research

We are a leading research firm with a long-established reputation for quality and innovation in global animal health (companion animals and livestock) marketing research. 
We have a proven track record of helping our clients to make confident, research-based decisions in support of their critical innovation / development activities and product lifecycle management.
Our clients are principally animal health and nutrition businesses ranging in size from the global pharmaceuticals to specialist start-up companies with many types in between.  We also work on behalf of public sector organizations, financial institutions, trade associations and NGOs.
With unique access to the key respondent groups (often difficult to reach) we provide customized research studies, tracking programs, industrial desk research and advanced analytics.
Whether you wish to explore new markets, measure customer loyalty, evaluate brand strength or gather critical insights from product lifecycle studies. P+M's dedicated team of animal health researchers will support you in designing 'best in class' projects to help you make smart decisions.
Dr. Ludger Rolfes
Division Director
+49 5407 885239

Our markets and target groups



Product categories

Feed & Feed additives
Pet food and nutraceuticals
Devices/Technology/Digital health
Precision Livestock Farming

Target group

Industry experts/KOLs
Feed producers, feed mills
Pet owners/Horse owners
Pet shops


Most of our projects are global projects. We work in major markets in Europe, North America, South America, Australia and Asia. P+M has developed an international network of field partners to ensure fieldwork of optimal quality.

Our projects

Helping you to make research-based decisions with confidence

Market analysis: Get a basic understanding of (new) markets and identify opportunities

Market landscape & sizing
Market demand assessment

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Customer insights: Walking in the shoes of your customer

Usage & attitude
Needs assessment & gap analysis
Touchpoint analysis
Customer segmentation

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Targeting & positioning: Preparation for launch

Concept testing
Claim/message tests
Product positioning
Price sensitivity tests
Market potential analysis

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Marketing effectiveness & communication

Brand monitoring/brand performance tracking
Brand funnel, brand image & brand equity
Brand positioning and portfolio management
Generic defense
Reputation measurement
Ad testing
Ad/Media/campain effectiveness
Social Media Monitoring

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Customer experience & sales force effectiveness

Customer satisfaction and loyalty
Touchpoint analysis
Customer journey analysis
Sales force effectiveness
Usability tests

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Price optimization
Portfolio pricing

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Creative Problem Solving
Design Thinking
Business Model Innovation

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