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Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

Measuring customer satisfaction with products or services or general, company performance is an activity which all companies would wish to undertake. Similarly, to gathering customer insights, measuring customer satisfaction or loyalty is at its most effective when it is built into the operational processes of an organisation.  Without it, satisfaction or loyalty measurement may be an ancillary, ad-hoc activity which provides a time-limited ‘snapshot’ of the customer which may be quickly outdated.

P+M works with clients to understand the impact of operational performance at the key points of customer interaction. These touchpoints are mapped across the ‘customer journey’ and the importance of each type of interaction is measured and weighted accordingly. Customers are then able to measure performance in real time whilst being able to understand where best to allocate resources at the different touchpoints.

Conventional static surveys at strategically designated time intervals may then be used to measure the whole impact of customer related performance to see how the ‘dial has moved’.

Dr. Ludger Rolfes
Division Director
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