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Marketing Effectiveness and Communication

Having launched products, it is clearly important for clients to measure the traction of those products in the marketplace so that these brands can be effectively managed.

P+M has a great depth of experience in implementing global tracking studies designed to measure the competitive health of product brands and in consequence the effectiveness of marketing activities and ROI on expenditure. 

These tracking studies are designed to evolve over time as the market evolves whilst retaining the integrity of the tracking data. 

P+M specializes in developing data visualization tools which enable clients to show the relevant KPIs to different internal stakeholders across the organization in the most suitable formats.

In addition to measuring brand and reputation performance, P+M has a successful track record of designing and implementing studies to measure the impact of advertising and promotional campaigns through the range of different media used today.

Dr. Ludger Rolfes
Division Director
+49 5407 885239
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