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Brilliant ideas do not grow on trees
Brilliant ideas do not grow on trees A great idea hardly ever really comes out of nowhere. At the beginning of an innovation or ideation process, there is almost always a fuzzy front end, characterised by qualitative creative techniques. Now, how does such a fuzzy inkling turn into a truly brilliant idea? In ... read more
Touch me if you can
Touch me if you can Website, social media, or maybe rather analog letters and circulars? For effective and efficient customer management at B2B enterprises, a fine-tuning of all relevant contact points is becoming more and more important. Successful implementation requires accurately measuring ... read more
Close in on consumer experience
Close in on consumer experience Why are customers satisfied with a certain product? Satisfaction or dissatisfaction cannot always be attributed to individual criteria; instead they result from a combination of many different aspects. The online tool TouchPointer can help us understand this phenomenon and ... read more
Clear, yet ambiguous - Pictures in Brand Research
Clear, yet ambiguous - Pictures in Brand Research In brand research, pictures present a clear benefit since they can be used to measure motives, attitudes, and emotions implicitly. The catch: Depending on the context, pictures also come with lots of room for interpretation. In spite of all ambiguity, how does one still ... read more
BRAND|25 For successful brand leadership it is essential to know the properties of a brand in minute detail from the consumers’ perspective. But how does your target audience describe the essence of your brand? How is your brand perceived? Which functional and emotional properties ... read more
Mystery Shopping: Training comes first
Mystery Shopping: Training comes first According to the Mystery Shopping Monitor 2013, the quantity of mystery shopping has increased; however, the quality of surveys has suffered due to poorly trained mystery shoppers. For Produkt + Markt it is considered imperative to train mystery shoppers accordingly. This ... read more
Optimisation of Touch-point Portfolios
Optimisation of Touch-point Portfolios The Internet and social media have become some of the most important sources of information in our daily lives, privately as well as professionally. Hence new media are also becoming more and more important as touch-points. But is it worth it to neglect traditional ... read more
Knowing the Shopper
Knowing the Shopper H Leaflets, flyers, or perhaps in-store TV? Anyone who wants to push sales with promotion activities, needs to know what makes the customers tick, or any efforts might miss the point. But how do we get an authentic image of our different types of shoppers? Claudia ... read more
TREND|CAFÉ Innovations are essential for every company. Nevertheless, this can be quite a challenge. Unfortunately, great ideas don’t just fall into one’s lap. So what is the best way for you to generate ideas, gain insights, and to discover trends? What are the needs of your ... read more
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