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Decoding your brand’s DNA and successful brand leadership

For successful brand leadership it is essential to know the properties of a brand in minute detail from the consumers’ perspective. But how does your target audience describe the essence of your brand? How is your brand perceived? Which functional and emotional properties do your customers associate with your brand? How can you convince people of your brand?

Our research tool BRAND|25 will give you all of the answers.   

BRAND|25 is an efficient tool that stimulates participants to disclose their conscious and unconscious brand perception and brand evaluation. This is achieved through creative techniques and depth psychology procedures.

Participate yourself or just watch while BRAND|25 gets to the bottom of the inner workings of your brand with 25 participants.

BRAND|25 – How it works

After a short warm-up, the 25 participants are divided into five small groups of five and go through five different testing stations in alternating order. A facilitator guides the participants through their tasks at each station. Each testing station measures a different aspect of your brand:

  • Within a given time, the BrandRace collects as many terms as possible concerning the brand, communication, and values; this uncovers associations with the different brand levels.
  • In the style of a mind map, the BrandMap compiles associations and branches in regard to your brand presence.
  • In order to take a closer look at individual brand dimensions, the BrandStorm quickly captures the various associations concerning different aspects of the brand.
  • At the station BrandPics each participant selects pictures from magazines that they associate with the brand (or with competitors). Afterwards they are used to create collages, which are then presented and explained by the participants.
  • At BrandAd the participants have 45 minutes to develop and present a TV ad that is typical for the brand from their point of view.

The final station is the BrandWalk. It allows you to take a look at all five stations, to analyse documents and records, or to speak to the facilitators before processing the results.

BRAND|25 – Your Advantages

  • Inspiring insights „to go“ – everything about your brand
  • Your target audience – carefully selected and highly motivated
  • A combination of tried and tested creative techniques and procedures from depth psychology.
  • Experienced and well-trained facilitators
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