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Brand research as an experience – Blunt & specific

The setting: You would like to know more about the current state of your brand essence and brand image within your target audience. However, you do not want to bore participants with conventional surveys. Your study is supposed to be fun, the participants should respond intuitively. At the same time you want inspiring qualitative insights and statistically valid results. How can this be achieved?

Our brand research tool BRAND|VIEW makes all of this possible, and it may very well be just the right tool for you:

BRAND|VIEW is our innovative research tool that lets participants experience brands in a new way. Its playful approach activates respondents and by applying intuitive questions, BRAND|VIEW generates qualitative insights and yields valid results. BRAND|VIEW is especially suited for comparative brand essence and brand image analyses, to measure the perception of umbrella brands vs. product brands, to check the credibility of advertising messages and contents as well as for advertising tracking.

BRAND|VIEW – How it works

BRAND|VIEW depicts your brand as a human being, thus making it come alive during specific decisions. Your customer will set out on a virtual journey together with your brand. Based on predefined response options, the customer has to decide how your brand would act in everyday situations. For example, what does your brand do when the group gets lost in the woods? Does the brand feel completely helpless? Does your brand or a competitor take charge and rescue the group?

The behaviour assigned to your brand by the participants provides insights into the perception of the brand, inspiring and bluntly. All scenarios are academically backed by motive dimensions as well as by Fournier’s brand relationship framework. This allows a valid interpretation of the results.

BRAND|VIEW – Your Advantages

  • Lets brands come alive during specific decisions
  • Generates inspiring and clear insights with several opportunities for storytelling
  • Playfully measures brand perception – implicit and honest
  • Allows intuitive responses
  • Ideal for mobile devices
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