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War, crises and disasters threaten global prosperity

How inflation is hitting consumers around the world

The cost of living has risen sharply around the world due to war, political and energy crises, (natural) disasters and pandemic-related supply shortages. 

36 percent of citizens around the globe are so burdened that they have difficulty making ends meet financially. Only 25 percent have no monetary problems. In Argentina, the country with the highest inflation rates worldwide, the hardship is particularly severe. 76 percent of respondents there report financial difficulties and 62 percent have reduced their spending in recent months. In Germany, on the other hand, 34 percent are in financial straits and almost half (49 percent) have already made savings.
These are findings from the WIN World Survey (WWS 2022), which examines the views and beliefs of citizens from 36 countries around the world on an annual basis. For the current study, 29,739 people were interviewed. More detailed and additional results can be found in the official press release at www.winmr.com.
WIN International is the world's leading association of market and opinion research institutes. As the exclusive German WIN member, Produkt + Markt conducted the study in Germany in November 2022.
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