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Brands + Communication

The customer, consciously or unconsciously, uses the brand for guidance to form preferences and make purchase decisions. The brand expresses a personality and adds emotional as well as monetary value.

By analysing brand equity and essence we determine the (added) value of a brand, which provides the basis not only for positioning analyses but also for successful brand management. How successful this has been is then measured in our image tracking.

Another key factor is communication with the customers, given that communication is one of the most difficult tasks of all. Growing competition, indistinguishable products, and the increasing selectivity of consumers require ever more sophisticated advertising campaigns. To avoid bad investments, it is important to use advertising pre-tests at an early stage. These tests make it possible to evaluate and optimize the effectiveness and impact of a campaign. The advertising can then be checked in a post-test.

Claudia Greischel
Division Director
+49 5407 885132
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