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Consumer Insights

By generating consumer insights, i.e. looking “inside” consumers’ minds:

  • we help you to better understand your target groups,
  • to expand your knowledge of consumer behaviour, needs, habits, attitudes, motives and expectations.

This enables you to precisely tailor your products and services since, the closer you are to your target group, the better you can comprehend and satisfy their needs.

Usage & attitude surveys allow us to take a look at the wants and needs of your current and prospective customers. The focus of this quantitative (basic) research is on the use of products and brands in daily life. It delivers valuable consumer insights for new product developments and for the optimization of advertising and communication measures.

However, as needs and motives are often hidden beneath the surface and can be hard to verbalise, we apply qualitative methods to unearth them. Our ethnographic observations, based on in-home visits and mobile diaries, are an essential part of this process. The subsequent analysis aims to recognise patterns, cluster these and derive their key attributes.




Julia David
Senior Research Consultant
+49 5407 885186
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