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Experience + Loyalty

Managing customer satisfaction is an important success factor for a company. Therefore, measuring satisfaction has long been a key element in our toolbox of methods. As products and services increasingly seem much of a muchness, it is becoming ever more difficult to satisfy customers with the service/product on the one hand and to create long-term loyalty to the company or brand on the other hand.

Customer satisfaction is the result of a comparative process. In this process, the customer compares the perceived service (actual service) with their expectations and needs (desired service). Satisfaction can be evaluated in relation to attributes or events. There are many methods of data collection, covering the complete spectrum of market research. From mailing questionnaires, online interviews, telephone interviews to face-to-face interviews, everything is generally suitable depending on how the target group can be reached.

To measure customer satisfaction, indices are developed from the results of the survey, often including the Net Promotor Score (NPS) which indicates the customers’ likelihood to recommend. The continuous tracking of satisfaction shows how successful the measures are at improving customer retention.




Sarah Helmich
Senior Research Manager
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