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Innovations + Ideation

Innovations are key to the success of a company, but not every innovation is a success story. The flop rate is high, and it’s not long before the majority of new products are withdrawn from the market again. Successful (innovation) products are intended to meet the current and future needs of consumers – and should do so better than competitors’ products and services. 

We have established various tools for innovation research, which aim to check the potential of innovations – or the initial idea – and suggest optimizations to ensure a successful launch. 

To generate ideas that turn into successful innovation products, we offer you:

  • an online community with IN|SPIARY or TREND|CAFÉ and 
  • design thinking workshops, balancing creativity and discipline.

We support you during the entire process, from the idea to the prototype and beyond. 

Julia David
Senior Research Consultant
+49 5407 885186
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