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The selection of products is overwhelming and the market glutted. To achieve business success, it is thus essential for a company to offer products that differentiate from others. Of course, the product must have the attributes required to meet the target group’s needs and expectations, but its packaging and marketing also have to evoke the consumer’s emotions and ultimately trigger a purchase action.

We have a wide range of market research approaches that help companies to gain valuable insights on how to successfully position new products on the market and how to bring existing products into line with consumer needs.

The further the development of a product has progressed, the more resources that product has already consumed and the more it has cost the company. Concept tests as the first step and usability/product tests as the next step allow the early identification of possible flops and so save money. To develop products that are optimally tailored to the target group, a conjoint analysis with ALASCA|PRO helps to determine the attributes that are really relevant for the user. 

But it is also worth investigating products that have already been launched:

  • How successful has the launch been?
  • What contacts with the brand or product were decisive for the purchase decision?
  • How are the products used?
  • Where is there potential for improvement?

These questions can be answered, for example, with our LaunchOptimizer or qualitatively with online communities.



Regine Sievers
Senior Research Manager
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