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MCVA – Market Analysis Commercial Vehicles Aftermarket

A multi-client study to quantify potentials in the aftermarket.
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MCVA – a unique approach to market intelligence

Our MVCA survey is organized as a multi-client survey and covers several markets each year. The MCVA identifies the market volume of spare parts in the sector of commercial vehicles of 6 tonnes and above with traffic permission. Each client decides individually on the number and types of spare parts one would like to receive information on. The results with regards to the volume will be available exclusively for subscribers. General knowledge concerning the market (e.g. fleet structure) is shared within the consortium and can also be purchased separately.
  • Reliable information on the full market potential for spare parts
  • Solid base for calculating your market shares
  • Intelligence about fleet sizes and structures in the market

Your aftermarket issues

The aftermarket in the commercial vehicles sector lacks of reliable data for estimating the volume of mounted spare parts. Identification of potentials, determination of market shares or even realistic goal setting are thereby obstructed or simply impossible.
  • How many oil filters are used per year in Poland?
  • What is the total number of wiper blades sold in Italy per year?
  • How many disc brakes are changed in Germany every year?
  • What is the ratio between IAM and OES regarding sold water pumps?
The MCVA focuses on precisely these questions and provides you with relevant insights.


Methodical approach and realization

MCVA's methodological approach comprises three project phases that are interlinked and build on each other.

Dive In is an initial qualitative phase in which - especially in markets that have not yet been visited - market characteristics are identified and a general understanding of the market is generated.

Structure Analysis is a telephone survey that specifically identifies and, in particular, quantifies the market structure in the CV market. In addition to the absolute number of CVs of interest, the focus here is specifically on the distribution of vehicles in the market, e.g. with regard to sectors, types of use and fleet structures.

In the MCVA Core Survey, this information from the structural analysis is then used to correctly weight the survey data. In the process, very detailed data on repair and replacement behavior for various parts is obtained in 500 b2b interviews for 1,000 vehicles.


Markets and data treasures available to date

Purchase of results

Existing reports can be purchased afterwards. You can select from a variety of countries and different market focuses (market data or spare parts related results).

Order of results

Results can be ordered for defined countries and defined products before the respective country study is conducted. You have influence on the listing of certain products as well as on the depth of results by optional additional questions.

Membership Steering Group

Together with the other members of the steering group, you will decide on the future development of the MCVA, especially countries visited and products included. You participate in all workshops for conception and decision making. Naturally, you have full access to your results and reports.



“A sound basis for calculating market shares and volumes! As the analysis is based on empirical data instead of secondary data, it is unmatched in terms of quality and validity by anything else on the market!“

Dr. Uwe Hartmann – MANN+HUMMEL


“Vital information for our business units – MCVA answers some of our most pressing questions in the aftermarket with reliable data and thorough analysis in ‘real’ spare parts, maintenance parts and wear parts. I recommend this study wholeheartedly!“

Dr. Michael Kagerhuber – MS Motorservice International GmbH


“MCVA provides an indispensable basis for our volume calculation: 1) it shows us how users think about their business, 2) it provides a very comprehensive picture of the market (how many and which kind of companies use CV ≥ 6 tonnes?), 3) It gives us extensive information about the maintenance and repair behaviour.“

Karl-Heinz Schalla – Robert Bosch GmbH



Meet MCVA and learn how it can help answer your burning questions in the Commercial Vehicle Aftermarket. Get in touch with us today. We look forward to hearing from you.

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