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Digital and Precision Farming Technologies Marketing Research

The rapid pace of investment in digital technologies following their burgeoning adoption on farm, has been driven by opportunities to reduce costs, make farm operations more effective and to boost yields, thus putting more money in farmers' pockets.

The considerable investments made by technology providers and farmers have raised expectations of digital solutions to very high levels, which has consequently heaped pressure on PLF stakeholders to deliver the anticipated farming efficiencies.

Research results suggest these investments have not all delivered to expectations.  The consensus is that innovative farmers are now demanding clear ‘up-front’ evidence of the promised benefits before investing further into digital and precision farming technologies.

We at Produkt + Markt are convinced that market research can close this ‘expectation gap’ by providing market information and insights into farmers’ needs, attitudes, motivations, expectations and perceptions of these technologies.
For this reason, Produkt + Markt has brought together decades of experience in agribusiness and animal health into a new research unit and created a team with proven industry background, expertise in digital technologies, agricultural competence and international reach.

We provide customized research studies, tracking programs, industrial desk research and advanced analytics to our clients operating in the precision farming industry, helping them to target their investments and marketing decisions, to drive innovation activities and to fine tune product lifecycle management.
Dr.  Ludger Rolfes 
Division Director

+49 5407 885239
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