Heiner Junker

  • Managing Partner at Produkt + Markt –
    responsible for the development and implementation of research tools and innovation 
  • Board Member und Regional Manager Europe for WIN (World Independent Network of Market Research)  
  • Researcher, consultant, trainer and coach on insights, innovation, culture and strategy


  • Graduate in European Business Studies in Osnabrück and London
  • Certified HPI Design Thinking Coach
  • Certified Facilitator in Business Model Innovation
  • Certified Facilitator in Creative Problem Solving

“A noble purpose inspires sacrifice, stimulates innovation and encourages perseverance.” 

Gary Hamel


Qualitative researcher 

Heiner more or less stumbled into his first qualitative project over 25 years ago when he discovered his passion for market research. He is convinced that listening and understanding is the foundation of successful change. 


Coach and facilitator

Right from the start Heiner integrated methods and techniques for creative ideation into research to obtain not only insights but also flesh out the consumers’ creative ideas. As a coach and facilitator he possesses a vast amount of experience along the innovation roadmap. Heiner also acts as a sparring partner for executives and people engaged in processes of change. His meticulous research, professional preparation and unconventional creative moderation enable him to guide people, teams and organisations towards achieving their maximum potential. 



His training sessions typically involve a change of perspective, interaction as well as honest and constructive feedback. Heiner does his utmost to make them easily understandable and emotionally accessible to ensure that the training content is memorable and has a lasting impact. 



  • Qualitative research 
  • Ideation and inovation
  • Moderation of workshops and events
  • Design Thinking training
  • Qualitative research training
  • Organisations and employee research


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