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Bianca Prommer

  • Innovation enabler and agile coach at GrowFact e.U. Austria
  • Responsible for innovation and innovation culture
  • Keynote Speaker on innovation and intrapreneurship
  • Consultant, trainer and coach for intrapreneurship, strategy and innovation
  • Lecturer on innovation, Design Thinking and Business Modelling at universities in Austria and Berlin
  • Founder of the Innovation Culture Canvas
  • Author for managerSeminare


  • Graduate in Leadership and Innovation Management in Graz
  • Certified Agile Coach (certified by TÜV AUSTRIA)
  • Certified Facilitator in Design Thinking
  • Certified Facilitator in Business Model Innovation
  • Certified Facilitator in Creative Problem Solving
  • TRIZ (Theory of inventive problem solving) Facilitator
  • Certified Value Manager
  • LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Faciliator


“Culture eats strategy for breakfast, technology for lunch and everything else for dinner.”
Inspired by Peter Drucker


Innovation Enabler and Agile Coach

Bianca combines her experiences as an intrapreneur within the automotive industry and as a coach and mentor for start-ups. She is thus familiar with the critical success factors of both – the continuity and operational excellence of traditional companies and the agility and creativity of young businesses. Using versatile methods and approaches Bianca enables innovation and agility in teams and organisations.

Bianca has developed a successful tool for creating an inspiring innovation culture – the Innovation Culture Canvas, which was published in the managerSeminare magazine (July 2019).


Keynote speaker

Bianca inspires the audience to think in different and new ways. She encourages people to leave their comfort zone and gives impetus to new corporate cultures. The audience gets a reality check on their innovation activities.


Coach and facilitator

Right from the beginning Bianca chooses the best methods and approaches for the teams, companies and for the innovation challenge. She is convinced that “innovation is more than a new product or a new technology. Innovation is the mind-set of managers and their teams belonging to customer, suppliers, new chances, failures and the company’s future.” Therefore, Bianca helps companies move towards a tailored innovation system by involving managers and employees. As a coach and facilitator, she engages teams in pursuit of new innovation structures, methods and ideas.



Bianca combines interactive impulses, constructive feedback and learning by doing within her training sessions. Thus, the new training content becomes more memorable and can be applied from day one.



  • Ideation and innovation
  • Moderation of workshops
  • Trainings in Design Thinking, Creative Problem Solving, TRIZ, Business Model Innovation, Agile Coach
  • Creating of an inspiring innovation culture


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