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Custom tailored
monthly insights from
farmers’ world

Simply send us your questions and you will receive the results in no time at all

Do you need compelling content for your social media activities, newsletters, blog articles, etc.?
Do you often find yourself with burning questions without the means for extensive market research?
Imagine gauging farmer sentiment just before a product launch or capturing their opinions on current events, such as agricultural protests in January.

Surely, there are countless reasons to peek into the world of farmers now and then.

Cost-effective and custom tailored, month after month, you'll receive answers to your burning questions. We bridge the gap between you and your target audience effortlessly.


Scope of service

Our standard - customizations to suit your desires and needs are always possible (optional)
  • For one year, you have the opportunity to pose 1, 2, or 3 questions per month to farmers in Germany with arable farming.
  • There are no fixed screening criteria. We survey farmers with whom we conduct studies in the respective month.
  • Method: CATI and/or CAWI interviews depending on availability.
  • Types of Questions: Customizable
  • Open (open text field), Semi-Open (answer options provided + Other as an open text field), Closed (answer options provided) or Scale-based inquiries (up to 5 items).
  • Open Responses: Delivered as original answers in an Excel file. Upon request, we can code the responses (optional).
  • Minimum Duration: 12 months.
  • Timing: Determination of each question at least 4-6 weeks before the desired delivery date of the responses.

Services by P+M

  • Brief consultation on the wording of each question via email or phone (if needed).
  • Programming of the CATI/online script.
  • Address management and administration.
  • Training of interviewers regarding interview details, such as correct pronunciation of product names, study structure, interview flow, etc.
  • Conducting the interviews.
  • Quality check of the data.
  • Tabulation in Excel format.

Have we sparked your interest? – Contact us!

Grischa Muchowski

Senior Research Consultant

Phone +49 5407885-113

Produkt + Markt
Otto-Lilienthal-Straße 15
49134 Wallenhorst

Dr. Dirk Aderhold

Managing Partner

Phone +49 5407885-211

Produkt + Markt
Otto-Lilienthal-Straße 15
49134 Wallenhorst

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