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Digital Readiness Index Germany Results

Report package 2022 & 2023 available NOW!

What opportunities arise from the Digital Status/Readiness of German farmers for companies providing digital solutions? Our updated report package answers this and other key questions! Interested? Contact us by using the tick boxes below!

To give you a flavor of what you can expect:
Broad sample of n = 500 German farmers (2022) & update of n = 300 farmers (2023), representative according to regions and farm size.


Many details concerning digital status and development, like the below examples:
  • Indices for Digital Status and Digital Readiness of German farmers
  • Digital Groups and their key parameters
  • Relevant & differentiating digital equipment (categories, tools) used and owned by the farmers, use & intensity, expansions planned.

  • Differentiating drivers and barriers for the current digitalization level and its future development.
  • Farmers needs in developing the digital status.



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