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Crop production with bio-power: Tackling Challenges | Latest Study Results

What are the specific experiences of the first users? What are the expectations of farmers towards manufacturers of biologicals? And how do key influencers such as contractors and dealers evaluate biologicals? We will be addressing these and other questions in the coming months and share our findings here. The latest research results can be found right at the beginning of the article. You can start our journey here.
September 13, 2023

Biologicals in Tension: Potentials, Challenges, and Research Needs

Our most recent survey results confirm the significant interest in Biologicals in agriculture. The survey of 195 German farmers shows that over 90% of practitioners generally consider these products to be meaningful.

However, from the perspective of farmers, there is a substantial need for research to make these products suitable for comprehensive use in crop cultivation. Therefore, (potential) users are looking for further investments in product development.

The potential of these products is also evident in the fact that 12% of the surveyed farmers already find them useful in most cases, while more than 33% see a useful application under certain circumstances.


August 30, 2023

Of Opportunities and Prospects: A Journey into the World of Biologicals

Modern agriculture is increasingly sustainable and efficient, facing challenges that make innovative solutions more necessary than ever. The quest for environmentally friendly solutions for crop protection and enhancement has led to the development of biologicals - substances and agents of natural origin that could profoundly transform plant cultivation.

Biologicals also offer conventional crop protection manufacturers an exciting range of new possibilities to explore. Alongside developers, influencers, and users, Produkt + Markt embarks on a research journey, aiming primarily to consolidate and answer the questions of all stakeholders.

Doing so, we aim to connect biologicals manufacturers - and those who may want to become one - with the experiences and needs of key players in the development process, fostering an inspiring dialogue.


User Focus: Study Provides Insight into Practice

Who is already aware of this product category? And are there users already? Our research journey begins with an analysis of the status quo: Biostimulants and biological pesticides are no longer foreign terms for German farmers, as our recent surveys have shown.

To assess awareness and usage, we surveyed n=852 German farmers with more than 30 hectares of farmland - representative in terms of region and size distribution. The result: Almost 90% of farmers are aware of the product categories of biostimulants and biological pesticides. A significant share of farmers has actively tested these new product categories and can thus provide firsthand experiences.


Further Findings: Biologicals Between Hearsay and Test Usage

Biologicals have transitioned from initially mocked products to concrete solutions used in practice: Biological pesticides have been tested at least once by 20% of farmers, while biostimulants have been tested by as many as 32%.


Who are these pioneers? A look at the data reveals that, in addition to some perennial crop farmers, arable and mixed farms have also experimented with the use of biologicals - especially biostimulants.


And the data provides even more intriguing results, broken down by region or farm size class - Interested? Feel free to reach out to us!


What's particularly surprising is that, compared to organic farms, conventional farms have even more frequently gained experience with biologicals.

Grischa Muchowski - Senior Research Consultant Produkt + Markt

The Future Starts Now: Let's Shape It Together

The loss of active ingredients in crop production presents significant challenges to the agricultural world. However, the industry wouldn't be what it is if it didn't invent innovative solutions for such issues. Biologicals are undoubtedly a part of that innovation. Join us on our research journey!
Contact us with your questions, wishes, and ideas. You can also commission exclusive studies on this topic from us, as usual.

Contact us with your questions, wishes, and ideas!

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