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Unconcerned on the Net?

WIN study shows international differences in perception of data security

31 percent of Germans expressed concern about the digital sharing of their personal data in October 2020 (top3boxes on a scale of 10). Compared to the previous year, this represents a decrease of ten percentage points. The under-30s in particular are the least uncomfortable about having to provide their data on the Internet (26%).

Globally, Germans' concern about data security on the Internet is in the lowest range; only residents of Pakistan (30%), Nigeria and the Palestinian territories (28% each) had fewer concerns. 
Conversely, 27 percent of Germans said that sharing personal data was necessary nowadays. This represents an increase of six percentage points compared to 2019, with the need to share personal data seen least in South Korea (10%), Peru (9%) and France (8%) globally.
These are findings from the WIN World Survey (WWS 2020), which asked, among other things, on a ten-point scale (10 = strongly agree) how concerned respondents are about sharing their personal data digitally or the extent to which sharing personal data is necessary today. 
More detailed and additional results can be found in the official press release at www.winmr.com.

A total of 26,433 people from 34 different countries were surveyed. As the exclusive German WIN member, Produkt + Markt conducted the study in Germany in October 2020.
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