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On-/Off-Highway Technologies

Precise information and competent advice. For better decisions.

How can strategic sales planning in the commercial vehicles sector be optimised with special services? What about the opportunities offered by the digital transformation in the agricultural sector? And which product features will be decisive for the purchase of construction machines in the future? Whatever questions you have in the area of on/off-highway technologies: We will help you find the right answers.

What speaks for us? Our know-how from over 40 years of market research, experience in more than 40 countries, the highest quality standards and an extremely interesting intersection of the most diverse research fields and subject areas. But also our holistic approach. Because in addition to the status quo, we always look to the future and thus provide you with results that really bring you forward. So that you can make the best decisions on a reliable basis. For your project and for your company.



MCVA – Market Analysis Commercial Vehicles Aftermarket

A multi-client study to quantify potentials in the aftermarket. Get in now!

The aftermarket in the commercial vehicles sector lacks of reliable data for estimating the volume of mounted spare parts. Identification of potentials, determination of market shares or even realistic goal setting are thereby obstructed or simply impossible.

Find out how we can generate information and answer your question with our MCVA, Market Analysis Commercial Vehicles Aftermarket.

Our presentation at DAIS 2022

A truck goes around the world

Identifying structures & potentials in B2B markets

We were at the DAIS! You can watch our presentation from March 31 here!

Turkey, France, Poland, Brazil - these are just some of the stops on a successful research trip. Discover structures and potentials in spare parts markets for commercial vehicles. Gain insights into the MCVA multiclient study, the existing participation opportunities and be inspired for other complex B2B markets.

Axel Schomborg (Produkt + Markt)
Dr. Michael Kagerhuber, (MS Motorservice International GmbH)
Daniel Lederle (Robert Bosch GmbH)

Our Case Studies

Potentials for the Commercial Vehicle Aftermarket

Identifying potential - this was the objective of a study for a group of suppliers and spare parts manufacturers in the commercial vehicle segment. In addition to information on distribution channels, market volumes for more than 40 products according to OES and IAM share were to be determined for strategic sales planning.
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Insights for the wheel loader of the future

What will be important for wheel loaders in the future? That was the question a manufacturer wanted to answer in the course of developing a new model. It was to be clarified which individual needs play a role and which requirement profiles exist for the corresponding machine type. In this way, target-oriented parameters were to be defined for the development department - as a basis for the specifications.
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Alternative drives in the HCV segment: acceptance and willingness to pay

We wanted to find out how high the acceptance and willingness to pay for e-drives really is in various HCV segments (heavy commercial vehicles) for a well-known engine manufacturer. For this purpose, we interviewed test persons in four European core markets.
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Harvesters: How downtimes affect satisfaction ratings

Customer satisfaction is everything. That is why a market leader for harvesting machines wanted to find out how errors and downtimes of its machines in the first year of use affect the quality and satisfaction assessment of its customers. The hypothesis: different types of errors lead to different effects, regardless of their severity.
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CX optimisation in the commercial vehicle spare parts segment

Spare parts as part of a customer experience? Why not! For a spare parts retailer in the commercial vehicle segment, we took a close look at the customer journey when purchasing spare parts and investigated how customer experiences can strengthen existing customer relationships and generate growth. For this purpose, the purchasing and delivery experience of various test persons was examined in detail.
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Plant protection with digital solutions: Status quo and potentials

Technology in the field of crop protection is making more and more things possible. In particular, site-specific application offers enormous potential. For this reason, we have recorded the status quo of technology for a client, but also the willingness of farms to invest as well as the wishes of companies with regard to digitalisation in the area of crop protection.
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Automotive spare parts wholesale: Strengthening the competitive position through category management

What does consistent customer orientation in the field of automotive spare parts look like in concrete terms? This was the question we dealt with intensively for a spare parts wholesaler. The plan was to use a new category management system to respond even more focused to the wishes and needs of the customers. 
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