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Global survey: Vladimir Putin more popular than Donald Trump

Position of USA as dominant world global leader no longer unquestionable

If the world population had to choose between Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump as their country’s leader, the majority would favour Russia’s president Vladimir Putin over the US president. Also, the dominant position of the USA as the world’s global leader seems to be no longer unquestionable. This is the result of a recent survey conducted by WIN, the worldwide independent network of market research. In the survey 53769 people in 55 countries around the globe were asked for their opinions on Trump, Putin, and the current world order.

Except in the USA, most of the regions of the world prefer Putin to Trump. As the exclusive German WIN member, Produkt + Markt conducted the survey in Germany. While 71% of the participants in Germany would choose neither one of the two presidents as their head of state, 22% of the German respondents would still opt for Vladimir Putin, but only 7% would choose Donald Trump.

Similar answers were given to a question on the form of the world order. 76% of German respondents prefer neither a world leadership by the US nor a joint global leadership by the US and Russia; 12% believe that the US and Russia should exercise global leadership together, while only 8% believe that the US – as arguably the most powerful state in the world – should continue to lead globally.

Please see WIN’s official press release below for additional detailed results from all participating countries.


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