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The world says “Yes!”

... to tougher UN penalties and sanctions

The majority of the world appreciates the United Nations imposing sanctions against countries violating UN regulations. However, there are also large countries like China who are clearly against those measures.

These are the latest results of a worldwide survey conducted by WIN in cooperation with the Global Governance Unit in Geneva. The findings are supposed to be presented to the General Secretary of the United Nations at the opening of this year’s UN General Assembly in New York.

The main results at a glance:

  • Out of the 61 countries surveyed, 49 are pro-sanctions, 11 are anti-sanctions and 1 is on the fence.
  • Overall, the world favours the imposed United Nations’ Sanctions – though, some countries are distinctly against such sanctions.
  • Top 10 nations most supportive of sanctions: Armenia, Rep. of Korea (South), Finland, Austria, Vietnam, Portugal, Lebanon, Italy, Ukraine, Germany.
  • Top 10 nations opposing sanctions: Thailand, Indonesia, China, Morocco, Panama, Argentina, Colombia, Philippines, Palestinian territories, Serbia.
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