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US Elections 2016

Global poll shows Clinton in the lead – Except in Russia

On November 8th, the USA elect a new president. If the global community had a vote in this, Hillary Clinton would be far ahead in the lead. Only Russia would choose Donald Trump as their favourite. These are the clear results of an international poll, conducted globally  by the WIN network.

Clinton is remarkably popular in Western Europe, Latin America, and Africa. The study shows that the current Secretary of State would win the race for the White House in all but one of the participating countries. Solely in Russia, more participants would vote for Trump. Even in China, Clinton is slightly ahead of him. Also in Germany, Clinton would win by a landslide. 76.4% of the participants would give her their vote, only 7.9% prefer Donald Trump.

Between August and September 2016, 44.194 participants in 45 countries overall were surveyed in this poll by pollsters of the WIN network. WIN is the largest association of independent market research and polling firms worldwide. As the exclusive representative of Germany, Produkt + Markt collected the data from Germany in this poll.

Your WIN contact at Produkt + Markt: Regine Sievers +49 5407 885 121

Please check here for the detailed results:


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