WIN: Are we still happy?

International study shows declining happiness worldwide

Almost half of the world’s population is satisfied with their lives – much less than two years ago. In this context, the level of satisfaction and happiness depends on age and origin. This is the result of the current End-of-Year Survey of the international WIN network. In this...

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Sad normalcy: violence, sexual harassment and lack of gender equality

International survey reveals alarming conditions

For many young women worldwide, violence and sexual harassment are a sad part of their everyday lives. Last year, 15.6 per cent of women aged 18 to 34 were sexually harassed; 20.3 per cent became victims of physical violence or mental abuse. There is also still a long way to go before...

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Why P+M?


The complexity of our world is constantly increasing. In this context, we lay down the facts for you in a nutshell. We demonstrate what really matters. As our customer, we provide you with authentic insights into the lives and minds of your target audience. By offering you relevant data, deeper analyses, and sound advice, we give fresh impetus to the next steps of your professional journey.


We shall never forget that we are researchers devoted to science and precision. As our customer, you can always rely on our work. We assume responsibility beyond the project, aiming at making you sustainably successful.


The aspects of daily life are changing faster than ever. This poses challenges, but presents opportunities as well. We will facilitate your change processes by providing knowledge, stimuli, and creativity.


The whole world is our playing field

We provide services for all disciplines, irrespective of national borders. Produkt + Markt is the exclusive representative of Germany in the World Independent Network of Market Research (WIN), which currently has about 50 member states. For you, this means worldwide market research with one key contact in your language as well as international inspiration and expertise for your projects.

Solutions and services


Success goes beyond reducing risk. Engage your customers and employees to create new opportunities.
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Convincing people starts with understanding their beliefs, feelings and intentions. Uncover the unspoken.
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Customer centricity pays off. Increase loyalty and advocacy efficiently.
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It is crucial to know how customers choose and use products and services. Observe and predict the moments of truth.
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Save the Date: P+M at Research & Results 2019

Join us for inspiring new developments in market research

23rd October 2019 - 24th October 2019 | 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM

Pick up your calendars and make sure to enter this date: The market research trade fair Research & Results will be taking place again October 23-24. Of course, Produkt + Markt will be joining the show again as an exhibitor. As in previous years, our experts will be happy to welcome you...

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Careers and jobs


Global Agribusiness Research

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Animal Health & Nutrition Research

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About P+M


in 50 countries

100 per workshop



INSPIARY Community

15000 Healthcare Professionals


48000 Agricultural Professionals



Year P+M was established


130 employees


Customer feedback

N=100 in 91 seconds

Mobile Research

1.350 litres

of shampoo in a home use test nationwide

From 20 countries at the same time

Experts active on an online platform focussed on customer journeys

From 0 to 60mph in 2.7 seconds

Ethnographic interview in a Tesla

Yearly 2.600

cups of coffee for the participants of our focus groups

More than 2 million

steps per year walked by our mystery shoppers in shopping centres

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