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How to understand hidden desires and gain authentic insights

When was the last time you met one of your customers in his or her personal environment? How many authentic insights do you have about their everyday routines and product uses? Do you know their secret desires, needs, and motives well enough to safely claim you comprehend complex consumer decisions? Our method of ethnography provides you with reliable insights.

With the help of ethnography, you will be able to gain a better understanding of the decision-making mechanisms in human behaviour, and thus overcome growing insecurities towards unpredictable consumers.

Ethnography allows you to delve deeply into the world of your target group and to discover hidden desires, needs, and motives. Even in confusing societies of information and abundance, ethnography will make everyday consumer decisions become clear and transparent to you again. Additionally, ethnography effectively generates data that provides you with a holistic image of today’s consumers, thus creating an authentic understanding and feeling for their needs as well as their conscious and unconscious decision behaviour.

Last but not least, ethnography allows you to approach aspects of consumer behaviour that are usually difficult to comprehend by means of other methods. For example, you will gain authentic real life insights into daily practices, routines, and product uses that often happen so naturally and unconsciously that no consumer could ever adequately comment on them. In turn, this provides you with ample opportunity for product improvements and innovation.

How ethnography works
Ethnography is far more than a simple in-home survey. With this method, we are right in the middle of the consumers’ everyday lives. We join them in their personal environment for one day or more, and we document routines and activities in detail. Professional cameramen film and edit the interviews. In addition, unconscious actions, practices, and routines are revealed. The interviews allow us to identify patterns behind automated behaviour as well as drivers of gut decisions.

Your advantages with ethnography

  • direct contact to the target group and authentic insights into your costumers’ world
  • comprehensive understanding of the customer’s values, mindset, and consumer behavior
  • identification of implicit motives that often aren’t verbalizable
  • determination in which context the product is used, or a search for suitable (future) contexts that exceed learned routines
  • conclusions about functions that the product has to fulfil in interaction; thus stimuli for product improvements and innovation
  • insights about moments of truth within the customer journey analysis
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