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Consumer & Retail Research

As a long-standing partner of companies producing large and small household appliances or consumer goods, including food and beverages, we have in-depth knowledge of the industry and appreciate that this is a fiercely competitive market.

On the one hand:
  • high market saturation,
  • more and more products that seem much of a muchness,
  • demands for a wider variety of products that also meet higher quality standards.

On the other hand:
  • subdued consumer climate and more discerning purchase decisions
  • and bargain hunting that is just as “in” as buying luxury articles.

Current buzzwords like e.g. regionalism and sustainability are further factors to be considered. It is vital to create a clear identity by developing a strong and compelling brand, innovative product concepts as well as appropriate positioning and customer retention strategies.

The retail trade is changing at an unprecedented rate, bringing great challenges and opportunities. Multichannel is almost a must-have and, even when the corona crisis is over, will still be an important success factor since no one sales channel can satisfy the customers’ sophisticated and complex needs. The brick-and-mortar trade has reacted to the growing popularity of internet and TV shopping by offering customers many different benefits. It will be exciting to see whether these benefits retain their relevance. It will also be important to observe whether customers continue to use different channels for pre-purchase information than for making the actual purchase. Whatever happens, extensive services and competent advice will remain critical success factors.

You can rely on the market research experience of Produkt + Markt to help you identify the right steps to promote your sales, optimize your services and your customer communication.
Claudia Greischel
Division Director
+49 5407 885132

Our Markets and Target Groups


Food & beverage
Large and small household appliances
Retail (multichannel)
Media and publishing

Product Categories

Beverages (non-alcoholic/alcoholic)
Care and cosmetic products
Household cleaners
OTC products
Large household appliances (white goods)
Small household appliances (personal hygiene, body care)

Target Groups

Homemakers/ customer and non-customer shoppers
Retailers and other B-t-B target groups
Staff with customer contact (face-to-face/telephone)


We have an international network of competent partners in Europe, North America and Asia. This enables us to coordinate multinational projects, get the right partners involved, centralize the performing of key services, and monitor compliance with our quality standards to guarantee the best fieldwork every time.

Our Fields of Research

Innovationen + Ideation

Market research online communities (MROC with IN|SPIARY)
Creative problem solving
Design Thinking
Business Model Innovation


Consumer Insights

Usage & attitude
Touchpoint analyses
Customer journey analyses
Ethnographic methods (e.g. in-home visits, diaries)


Brands + Communication

Positioning surveys
Brand equity and brand essence
Brand funnel
Image analyses and tracking
Advertising pre- and post-tests
Advertising tracking
Advertising effectiveness measurement
Website tests
Social media monitoring



Concept and product tests
Taste tests
Packaging tests
Usability tests
Conjoint Analyses with ALASCA|PRO
Market research online communities (MROC with IN|SPIARY)




Target group analyses (demographic, behaviour-based, psychographic, geographic and hybrid approaches)
Ethnographic methods (e.g. in-home visits, diaries)



Direct methods (PSM, Gabor Granger)
Indirect methods (conjoint analyses with ALASCA|PRO)
Price optimization
Value-based pricing


Experience + Loyality

Customer satisfaction analyses
Mystery research
Accompanied shopping
Touchpoint analyses
Customer journey analyses


Further articles

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