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POWER|FARMER consider biostimulants as useful

Results from our Farmers Panel

How do POWER|FARMER feel about biostimulants? In August 2023, Produkt + Markt conducted a survey with n=39 farmers in the POWER|FARMER Panel*.


Result: 80% of those surveyed call for increased product development or further research into biostimulants.

For over 40% of those surveyed, the use of biostimulants already makes sense under certain circumstances. Another almost 40% are of the opinion that biostimulants could become an important component in the cultivation of crops, but still require a lot of research and development. Almost all respondents are in favor of intensive research, development and production in the area of ​​biological crop protection products. Hardly anyone (8%) believes that research and development in this area is generally not useful.

*Our POWER|FARMER Panel consists of a colorful mix of farmers with arable farming. On average, the companies are larger and more innovative than in the overall population.

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