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Measuring emotions quickly and validly

Emotions are omnipresent and control our actions and thus also our buying behaviour. However, target groups are often unaware of the emotions they associate with brands. Annette von Droste-Hülshoff once wrote:

"Where you feel the most, you do not know much to say."

At Produkt + Markt, we overcome this predicament by using images to implicitly and reliably measure emotions. Our image gallery VAL|LERY has already been in use for years. Based on this experience, we are now launching a new tool from the VAL|LERY family: PIC|MOTION. It is specialized in measuring emotions using a well-founded psychological model.

PIC|MOTION maps the dimensional space in a finely differentiated way with an image gallery of 40 images and 44 emotions. Each image loads on different emotions: We have ascertained how strongly in several validation phases. Our methodology is based on a recognized, scientific emotion model, which we have adapted to measure brand-emotion relations. For the evaluation, we have developed a tool that automatically converts the collected data to the emotion profile of the tested brand based on the model.
Thanks to our sound validation, PIC|MOTION can be quickly implemented in a survey and evaluated. With our automated reporting tool, we obtain the image and emotion profile of your brand in no time at all - as well as the emotional positioning in the competitive environment. Based on this, we then analyse the drivers and adjusting screws for success.


In addition to the use in the qualitative field, the focus of our research tool is on quantification, in order to be able to reliably check developments over time and the effects of measures. And what do the participants say? For them, PIC|MOTION is a welcome change within an online survey:


"That was a different, very interesting way of a survey. I like it!"

We presented PIC|MOTION at the Market Research Week in May 2023. Click here for the interview of the speaker Charlotte Stöckmann. If you are interested in the recording of the web seminar, please feel free to use the contact form below.



Would you like to learn how your brand benefits from implicit measurement with PIC|MOTION? Are you interested in a live demo?
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