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Agriculture on the digital journey

P+M study results on burning issues of digitalisation in agriculture!

Digitalisation in agriculture is bringing about massive changes in agricultural businesses in Germany. These changes will have a major impact on how farms operate in the future and whether they will be successful. It is exciting that digital technologies are used very differently on farms.

"When the wind of change blows, some people build walls, others build windmills."

Chinese proverb


Where do these differences come from and what future needs of the farms can be derived from them?

We are intensively investigating these questions and therefore surveyed around 200 german farmers from our POWER|FARMER Panel in spring 2022. The results of the study are now available.


Our research questions:

  • Which farms are particularly well equipped digitally and which farmers actually use their equipment intensively? 
  • What does the digital journey of the farms look like, which technology is the starting point and where does it go from there?
  • And what are actually the drivers and barriers in farmers' investment decisions, where are the digital tools "stuck"?

Are you as interested in these questions as we are? Here is a foretaste:

Have we made you curious about more and more detailed results, about analyses of the differences e.g. in terms of region, company sector and age - and what this means for your company? Then contact us!



Would you like to know more about digitalisation on farms, its background and what it means for your business? Use our contact form - a* market researcher from the field of digital farming will get in touch with you.

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