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The first POWER|FARMER use sensor-supported mechanical weed control technology

Results from our Farmers Panel

How widespread is sensor-based, mechanical weed control technology among our POWER|FARMERs? In April 2023, Produkt + Markt conducted a survey with n=201 farmers in the POWER|FARMER Panel*.


Result: A small group of innovative farmers are already using sensor-supported mechanical weed control technology, others have tested it or are considering using it.

In general, around three of four arable farmers have either not looked into sensor-based mechanical weed control technology at all (39%) or have no specific usage plans (35%). On the other hand, 13% have already tried this technology on their own farm (10%) or had it tested by the contractor (3%) - another 13% are considering doing this.
As the sensor-based hoe is still being developed in many areas, the figures underline POWER|FARMER's drive for innovation.
At the same time, many medium-sized to large arable farms have discovered modern hoeing technology but do not yet have any concrete plans to use. Massive investments and doubts about the economic benefits are probably still making farmers hesitant.

*Our POWER|FARMER Panel consists of a colorful mix of farmers with arable farming. On average, the companies are larger and more innovative than in the overall population.

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