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Generate ideas, gain insights, discover trends

Innovations are essential for every company. Nevertheless, this can be quite a challenge. Unfortunately, great ideas don’t just fall into one’s lap. So what is the best way for you to generate ideas, gain insights, and to discover trends? What are the needs of your target audience? And how do you successfully market your innovations?

At Produkt + Markt, our solution is called  TREND|CAFÉ . The TREND|CAFÉ  is a dynamic network of creative and dedicated consumers from all over Germany.

The tool TREND|CAFÉ  cuts the Gordian knot of your innovation process. It is our goal to provide you as our valued customer with quick and efficient support in the development of new ideas for successful innovations and furthermore in designing the corresponding communication concepts. We will reach this goal together at the TREND|CAFÉ .

TREND|CAFÉ – How it works

A multi-stage qualification process allows us to identify participants for your project who are not only very creative but also particularly curious, and who enjoy developing “new things”. They are the “hosts” of our TREND|CAFÉ . They invite “insiders” from their circle of friends and acquaintances to join their workshop in an inspiringly casual atmosphere. Hence this may be in a living room, a café, a beer garden, or virtually anywhere where these creative minds feel most comfortable. Together they develop a variety of specific ideas to solve your problem. In the course of the workshop, one of our researchers structures and facilitates the creative process. Afterwards, the ideas of the workshop are combined into own product ideas, respectively communication concepts. Subsequently we will analyse the results and present them to you in a final workshop.

TREND|CAFÉ  – Your Advantages:

  • Escape the sterile daily grind: a nationwide dynamic network of creative, dedicated, and independent minds (hosts and insiders).
  • Only the best minds for your project – multi-stage qualification process.
  • The host ensures impartiality, openness, dedication, and an inspiring atmosphere where the creative minds feel comfortable.
  • A researcher of P+M structures and facilitates the creative process.
  • Short and sweet results: structured by field, a profile of each idea, insightful video sequences.
  • Analysis, evaluation, and prioritisation of the developed ideas in a results conference.
  • Optimisation and validation of the best ideas via online forum or in a concept trial by P+M


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