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Understanding through experience

Structural constellations with doctors

Would you like to know whether your product is well positioned in the market, and how you should prepare it for the future?
The structural constellation approach allows you to experience the current position of your product or brand in the market, in comparison to your competitors, and most importantly, within your target group. Structural constellations go even deeper than conventional methods and are recommended for challenging questions.

What is a structural constellation?
A structural constellation is a moderated group exercise involving constellation work, which describes the spatial positioning of the respective participants within a room. With this approach, a situation can be represented much more comprehensively in its structure and complexity than a purely verbal description would ever allow. Especially trained experts interpret the trans-verbal language (i.e. posture, the participants’ position in the room) and translate it back to the rational level during analysis.

Scientific Background
The method is based on the systemic approach. Its basic assumption is that all market players are part of a system and act within that system. Only a representation of the entire system including the interaction among individual elements can fully depict reality.

How does the structural constellation work?
The participating doctors become representatives of the elements of the market (e.g. products, patients, doctors, manufacturers, etc.). They follow their motion impulses and position themselves within the room according to their perception. The moderator repeatedly encourages changes of position and general repositioning in response to changes presented to the situation (e.g. market entry of a competitor or new services for a certain product). This reveals new perspectives and impressions of the market and its players.

While assuming their positions in the room, doctors are encouraged to verbalise their feelings. By actually experiencing the situation, the participants are able to recognise hidden emotional motifs and relationships. Furthermore, it allows them to verbally describe them together on a rational level.

Your Advantages
Structural constellations provide multi-faceted insights, including insights on the status quo and strategic opportunities. The actual experience of the situation allows emotional and unconscious motifs, drivers, and obstacles to Surface.

Language is preserved as a rational element, so that no insights are lost (compared to conventional group discussions). The specific, spatial positioning makes it possible to directly identify and experience the actual structural position of products and brands in everyday life.

We translate the results into concrete recommendations for you.
A structural constellation takes about two hours and is conducted in a test studio. Approximately six participants are invited, depending on the issue and the target group. The constellation process can be observed from behind a one-way window.


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