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Measuring emotions, motives, and affective attitudes through pictures

Anyone who wants to convince a group of people needs to know what really moves them. But how can you reach the inner mind of your customers? How do you uncover thoughts and feelings that can be hardly put into words?

With VAL|LERY, we have just the right, implicit measuring tool for you. A picture paints a thousand words.

VAL|LERY is short for VALidated galLERY. Based on a dynamic model, our tool uses pictures to measure the customer’s emotions, motives, and desires and goes beyond the audible and visible. Welcome to the inner workings of your customer’s mind!

VAL|LERY is the tool of choice when it comes to measuring underlying motives, unconscious processes, and associations. It is especially well-suited for brand and image research, segmentation studies, taste tests, product and concept trials, motive and needs analyses, as well as for touch point analyses.

VAL|LERY – How it works

VAL|LERY contains pre-validated pictures and takes advantage of their respective ambiguity. From random sets of images, the participants intuitively choose one or several pictures that they associate with the subject of the study (i.e. one or various brands, an emotion or a need). Due to the validated VAL|LERY image database, it is known with which probability a picture represents a certain dimension. Therefore the pictures can be clearly interpreted, despite their ambiguity. This way the relevant dimensions are identified and i.e. differences between target groups are uncovered. In the process, the VAL|LERY database is refreshed with each study and is therefore always up to date. Subsequently, the results are graphically processed for you and compiled into meaningful image clouds, comparison charts, and dimension profiles.

VAL|LERY – Your Advantages

  • The depth of qualitative studies and the reliability of quantitative studies all in one
  • Intuitive evaluation
  • Socially desirable answers are avoided
  • Surpasses the limitations of verbal expression; easy access to sentiments that are hard to put into words
  • Allows brand positioning in comparison to the competition
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