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WIN Conference in Dublin:

An overall success for Produkt + Markt

At this year’s WIN conference, Produkt + Markt Managing Partner Heiner Junker was voted onto the board of the international association of independent market researchers. Additionally, VAL|LERY – a tool developed by Produkt + Markt to measure brands – was added to the network’s list of Branded Solutions and is now available for surveys worldwide.

At the end of May, 2015, the WIN members from more than 70 countries came together for their annual conference in Dublin. Made up of more than 77 members, WIN one of the leading networks of independent market research institutes worldwide. Produkt + Markt is the German WIN member. In the course of this conference, the purpose to globally provide common and valid tools to customers was getting a step closer.

By means of the 5 new Tools VAL|LERY (Produkt + Markt, Germany), RED Star (RED C, Ireland), R Shopper Behavior ( Romir, Russia), BIT (Gallup Pakistan, Pakistan), and Nudge Lab Process ( BVA, France), the institutes now are able to use one of up to 21 so-called branded solutions covering almost all important fields of qualitative and quantitative market research.

The focus of this years conference in Dublin was the aspect of international cooperation, especially related to big data, neuromarketing, social media analysis, real-time data, mobile research, online communities, gamification, crowdsourcing, app-based and multichannel research and the new challenges arising in connection herewith.

With the election of Heiner Junker to the executive board, Produkt + Markt will become still more actively engaged with regard to the formation and development of the global network in the future.

The WIN Network considers itself as an efficient alternative in comparison to global chains of institutes: flexible, customer-oriented and providing a good cost-performance ratio.

WIN is the leading association in market research and polling and offers you the best of both worlds: the highest quality at the most competitive price. WIN is made up of the 77 largest independent market research and polling firms in their respective countries with a combined revenue of over € 500 million and covering 95% of the world’s market.

Produkt + Markt is the German WIN Member (Worldwide Independent Network of Market Research).

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