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Produkt + Markt explores the benefits of precision livestock farming
Produkt + Markt explores the benefits of precision livestock farming FeedInfo invited us to share some of our latest research findings on farmers’ adoption of Precision Livestock Farming (PLF) ... read more
Innovation Hubs everywhere
Innovation Hubs everywhere Observation and interaction are essential elements of innovation research or ethnography. Julia David and Katharina Winter show in planung&analyse how, even in times of contact restrictions, it is possible to meet ... read more
HealthyLivestock - 4th Newsletter
HealthyLivestock - 4th Newsletter The fourth HealthyLivestock newsletter has been published and reports on current events and provides insights into the results of research from the various work packages in Europe and China. Reports include the use of traditional Chinese medicine to control coccidiosis in ... read more
Climate change: One day before the deadline, but not too late
Climate change: One day before the deadline, but not too late Climate change and the associated global warming are perceived as a threat to humanity by the vast majority of the world population surveyed.

Concern is particularly high in Vietnam ...
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Unconcerned on the Net?
Unconcerned on the Net? 31 percent of Germans expressed concern about the digital sharing of their personal data in October 2020 (top3boxes on a scale of 10). Compared to the previous year, this represents a decrease of ten percentage points. The under-30s in particular are the least uncomfortable ... read more
In the equality trap!
In the equality trap! Although the home is still perceived by the vast majority as a place of equality in October 2020, the values drop significantly in the pandemic year. 73 percent of all respondents in Germany believe that equality ... read more
 Corona makes Germans fit!
Corona makes Germans fit! Despite all the negative effects of the pandemic, 74 percent of Germans feel healthy in October 2020. This is an increase of 3 percent compared to the previous year and a place in the lower midfield in an international comparison.

Citizens of Indonesia (92%), South Korea ...
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explore + evolve
explore + evolve For your success and growth, we explore new worlds, discover surprising and previously unknown things. In doing so, we do not walk on any well-trodden paths, but constantly develop new approaches together with you and thus ensure a deep ... read more
My friend, the brand
My friend, the brand approaches from narrative and systemic psychology breathe new life into brand measurement, says Julia David. In R&R she will present two tools that can be used in qualitative online surveys to determine the consumer’s experience of and relationship to a ... read more
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